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Quizzes make my day.

Your Super Junior Lover
Favourite Color
Your Super Junior is... Donghae
He loves you for... your scent
You will have... 11 kids
You will cheat on him with... Donghae
This Quiz by ello_tatum - Taken 1063 Times.
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I find this cute because my childhood nickname is Shasha & Donghae's like a little kid at heart isn't he? <3

& here's a DBSK one that cracked me up & I found so true:

Life with Dong Bang Shin Ki
Name / Username
Your Dong Bang? YunHo
Was he impolite or polite when he first met you. Polite
How did he first see you? His friends showed him your picture he said
What was his first impression on you? Oh I shouldn't be impolite to her or she might hit me
At first why did he fall for you? The way you talked
What did he first say to you? How are you?
This cool quiz by *Rising_Sun* - Taken 221 Times.
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