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Cherry Chapstick : G-TOP

cherry chapstick. fail!title, ignore prz. [nc-17]
[au] g-top.
are you really supposed to be accosted by whores in night
clubs? seunghyun ponders the mystery. at least he does somewhere in his head that's not written into this fic. until it turns out to not be what it seems.
i coulda written something sweet, like fluff. i coulda written my forte, angst. i coulda started off my big bang fanfic streak with something freaking SIMPLE. but nooo, of course not. what did i finally come up with? porn. without plot. yes, pwp. BAD pwp, i warn ._.
...adsfhfgkasd I'M A FREAK. I'M TOO YOUNG FOR THIS. adakfljsfjghkahf *continues spastic rant in RL*
now go jack off to the thing that's caused me much misery. go, i say.


He isn't drunk.

He really isn't.

...well, maybe he is, just slightly. But who wouldn't be slightly drunk after having a shot competition with their best pals?

Seunghyun looks around. The night club atmosphere isn't quite helping   all the bright flashy lights and loud techno dance beats are making Seunghyun's vision sort of wavy and his head's bopping to the music of its own accord. He's on the dancefloor, moving a little aimlessly, mildly wondering where Daesung and Youngbae have gone. Knowing Youngbae, he's probably showing-off-his-sexy-fine-dance-moves-but-at-the-same-time-doesn't-realize-he's-doing-it somewhere on another part of the dancefloor, and Seunghyun vaguely remembers that there are karaoke rooms in this place, maybe that's where Daesung the trot freak currently is.

"Hello there."

Seunghyun glances down. The young woman who's just pressed herself up against him has got on heavy makeup, scarily tight vinyl halter top, miniskirt and dangerously high stilettos   a total whore.

"Sorry, I don't like girls," he tells her, partly because it's true and partly because she looks like the dominatrix type and Seunghyun gets kind of nervous around them, especially since he is kinda sloshed and it's way easier for them to take advantage of him.

The lady's response surprises him. He'd expected her to look insulted or grossed out or slap him across the face in horror, but she merely raises her eyebrows with mild interest.

"Oh, is that so." She languidly pushes back her long hair and smiles up at him. "Pity. You're a pretty one."

Before Seunghyun can say anything, she turns and raises a hand, beckoning someone over. Seunghyun peers at the mass of dancers, trying to pick out who she's waving at, and finally a petite young thing emerges and approaches Miss Dominatrix with a lazy smile, accessorized tip to toe in vibrant colour, walk all sensual and feline and with a tiny hint of almost childish innocence.

Seunghyun stares.

Miss Dominatrix leans forward, murmuring something to the newcomer, whose kohl-rimmed eyes flick up to give Seunghyun a leisurely, appreciative onceover.

"I gotta ciao," Miss Dominatrix finally says loudly enough for a bewildered Seunghyun to hear, pushing the newcomer towards him. "Have fun, pretty boy."

She blows Seunghyun a kiss and sashays off, leaving him to blink owlishly after her and then down at the newcomer, who's smirking at him.

"Hey, sexy. Name's Jiyong. Yours?"

Okay, well, damn.

...that's a nice little Adam's apple you got there.

"Uh, Seunghyun. Choi Seunghyun."

Jiyong smiles wide; he has perfect teeth, Seunghyun notices. Tilts his head. "Hey, really? I like that name."

Next thing he knows, Seunghyun's backing up a little in shock as Jiyong suddenly goes on tiptoe, one hand tilting his head to one side and brushing his lips against Seunghyun's ear.

"Choi Seunghyun-ah~"

Seunghyun shivers, pulling slightly away to look at Jiyong in the eye. "Look, what are you   I'm not..."

The other just watches him with a raised eyebrow, a hint of that previous smirk playing around the corner of his pretty little mouth. "Oh, I get it. Trying to play the good boy with me, are you?"

Seunghyun's eyes narrow. If there's one thing nobody but nobody calls him, it's a 'good boy'.

"No? So you're a bad boy?" Jiyong asks brightly, all innocent. Seunghyun glares at him, silent.

The boy giggles, tilting his head again. Then he speaks, and when he does, his voice has dropped, quite dangerously so. "Prove it."

Seunghyun doesn't really know what part of Jiyong's taunt did it. All he knows is that Jiyong can somehow read his mind and push all the right buttons and is going to get exactly what he wants from him and Seunghyun doesn't think he's going to stop him   after all, if he was, would he be dragging the kid by the arm towards the nearest empty room he sees?

In there, the loud music beats from outside are muted and Seunghyun throws himself down onto the couch, arms folded, his gaze on Jiyong who seems completely at ease and is smirking down at him with hands on slim hips.

Seunghyun jerks his chin. "Show me what you can do."

It's like an automatic cue for an actor   Jiyong sheds his colourful hoodie and settles himself on top of Seunghyun's lap so fast he's a bit thrown by the apparent fact that what Jiyong's doing now is practically routine for him. Next second those same soft lips that were at his ear breathing his name oh so sensuously earlier are making their comeback, this time directly on Seunghyun's own, and he struggles a little to get used to this, to return him kiss for kiss, left breathless by the younger's passionate, shameless want.

"Not so brave to try me out now, are you," Jiyong breathes, lustful and complacent against the corner of Seunghyun's mouth, running his tongue over the other's lips   fucking little tease.

Seunghyun growls low in his throat; reaches up, pulls Jiyong's head down by the back of his neck to shut him up. It's his turn in a pretty long while to smirk as Jiyong gasps slightly into his mouth and shifts his weight so that he's straddling Seunghyun with his knees on the couch, hands pressed a little against Seunghyun's throat. Seunghyun takes an opportunity to taste him properly   ah, sweet taste of cherry chapstick.

Jiyong efficiently wastes no time slipping his hands under Seunghyun's jacket, pushing it in one smooth motion over his shoulders, then explores downwards boldly beneath Seunghyun's shirt with his fingertips, leaving a trail of goosebumps on his skin that has the guy's hips jerking slightly of its own accord.

"Fucker," Seunghyun hisses, his own hands busy with getting Jiyong's pants off of him.

"Nuh-uh," the kid licks his lips pointedly. He manages to both unzip Seunghyun and bring their crotches into contact within a timeframe of two seconds, causing Seunghyun to draw in a sharp breath, gripping at Jiyong's hips as they grind rough and hard against each other. "That's your job    oh, oh fuck."

The last of what he's going to say dies in a slightly choked moan and Jiyong tilts his head back, mouth falling open obscenely and hips bucking erratically against Seunghyun's hand, which has somehow found its way into his boxers and is currently cupped around his hardening dick while he was busy making his point.

"For a cocky little whore who thinks he knows everything he's doing, you gotta stop being so noisy," Seunghyun breathes, his other hand tilting Jiyong's head to bring his mouth to his, tongue roughly caressing the back of his perfect teeth and the roof of his mouth and eliciting another ragged moan from him.

Okay. Seunghyun can admit now, he really is freaking drunk.

He doesn't know how else to explain how he got so bold. Whatever it is, drunk!Seunghyun's totally fine with going the flow and he's pretty sure he's dealing with this bizarre once-in-a-lifetime situation quite well (once in a lifetime for him anyway, he doesn't usually come into night clubs just for a fuck with a pretty boy after all).

Jiyong sort of helplessly pulls away from him, but he's still kissing Seunghyun like the guy's fucking heroin, shaky hands cupping his face as he tries steadying himself, thighs shivering as the other continues stroking his cock excruciatingly slowly. Seunghyun slides the last of what Jiyong's wearing on the lower half of his body down over his hips and helping him kick it off. "Not so brave to try me out now, are you?" he murmurs Jiyong's words mockingly back at him.

"God, you fucker   " Sudden fire lights in Jiyong's eyes, mixing with previous glazed-over lust, jerking himself away from Seunghyun with force. Not so gently yanks Seunghyun's jeans down to his knees, mouth parted and panting hard and hands now rough and demanding, fuelled by indignance. "You're fucking lucky you're hot, you son of a bitch, by now I'd be kicking your balls and running off with your dough."

"So lucky," Seunghyun laughs. "Got lube?"

Jiyong leans over and grabs his hot pink pants from the floor, tossing it at him. "Go fetch."

Seunghyun retaliates by giving a nip filled with tongue and teeth to Jiyong's collarbone, making him keen at the back of his throat and his head dip forward weakly at the sensation, while Seunghyun's other hand's delving into the pocket for what he needs   how the hell can the bottle even fit into that tiny little space, he will never know.

He lubes his fingers a tad awkwardly; been a while since he actually did this. He drops the bottle aside and begins stroking himself, the action unintentionally sending shockwaves of pleasure through his body, until Jiyong smacks him in the chest, dark impatience in his heated eyes.

"Yah, Seunghyun-ah, I ain't here for you to just jerk off in front of me," he bitches. Seunghyun can't help impulsively giving him an amused peck on the chin   even in something as crude as sex, Jiyong is kind of ridiculously cute, he thinks.

Jiyong blinks at him, still frowning, and Seunghyun merely responds to his remark by pulling him a little closer, parting his legs and pressing the first slick finger into his entrance. Watches him bite his lip to stop himself crying out, head dropping on top of Seunghyun's shoulder as he breathes hot and harsh into his skin, fingernails digging into Seunghyun's back and moving his hips greedily back against the exploring digit. He whimpers throatily when Seunghyun inserts the second finger, thrusting both in and out of him, the pace nice and slow but, from the look on the kid's face, it's absolutely agonizing to Jiyong.

"Ah... Dude, just freaking fuck me already..."

With a low, almost desperate sort of hiss, he pulls himself up and adjusts so he's already a step ahead of Seunghyun and is positioned directly above the older's throbbing cock, neglected all this while. Seunghyun raises his eyebrows and places his hands on either side of Jiyong's slender waist. Competition's over   he's willing to give the kid his due now.

"Do what you came for," he tells him, the words spoken blunt and under other circumstances a command, but in this particular circumstance, there's an underlying note of grudging affection for him.

It surprises Seunghyun a little when Jiyong leans to kiss him. Lets him part his lips and feels him taking his time to taste the inside, as if to familiarize himself with it. Lets him take control, lets him make those soft purrs vibrating against his mouth and playing games with his tongue, lets his fingertips skim the sensitive area underneath his earlobes and sending shivers down his spine, leaving him in a hazy but flaming desire. It's a hot, breathtaking kiss that Seunghyun doesn't have any of his experiences to counter and he doesn't ever want it to end. In fact it's so formidable that he's practically not even distracted when Jiyong finally goes down on him.

When Jiyong groans softly into his mouth, body gradually moving in an increasingly steady rhythm, Seunghyun takes notice at last, breaking the kiss to let him move properly. Does his own part by sliding one hand up Jiyong's back to support him, presses parted lips to the other's collarbone again, panting into his skin and squeezing his eyes shut in pleasure. Jiyong's getting into his rhythm; he rides Seunghyun hard, gripping his shoulders, fingers tight, being incredibly vocal and yet utterly incoherent   which is just hot damn   while in sync with going up and down, up and down.

"Fucking hell, so damn tight..."

Seunghyun's too busy channelling his energy into thrusting up into Jiyong to raise his voice more than a half-groan and the kid actually has the audacity to lift a hand and pat his cheek. Just from his fingers Seunghyun can tell he's taking it as a compliment, plus Jiyong's not pausing for one second and the way the kid moves down exactly the same time as Seunghyun's hips jerk up is driving him crazy simply because what the hell, it feels so damn good in a push-over-a-cliff adrenaline rush way and holy crap, he's seeing fucking stars    

Seunghyun draws in a shuddering breath and breathes "Ah, Jiyong" into the crook of the kid's neck when he comes hard, making him completely lightheaded. Jiyong's still working it though, his swollen length moving between their bodies and Seunghyun, out of pure reflex, pulls his arm tighter around Jiyong's body and reaches to pump the neglected cock with numb but purposeful fingers.The trick's done when his thumb swipes just so directly over the weeping slit   Jiyong gasps out Seunghyun's name with that look in his fevered eyes and that way his mouth is parted wide as he hits orgasm and, shaking, slumps over Seunghyun's chest.

They stay that way the next few moments, just catching their breaths, Jiyong's face buried in Seunghyun's shoulder and Seunghyun's against Jiyong's tousled, damp hair. Seunghyun is suddenly feeling awkward; doesn't know when to break the silence, what's the next move. It hits him, really hits him that he and Jiyong are perfect strangers who just fucked in an empty room in a night club because the kid's a slut and Seunghyun doesn't want to come off as a virgin. Because he's really not.

"So, um." The silence is unbearable, he's got to say something. "Do I have to, uh. Y'know. Pay you?"

Jiyong's still for a split second before huffing out a laugh of amusement and mild disbelief, pressing a palm against the back of the couch and pulling away from Seunghyun, bending over to take his pants and underwear. Seunghyun watches him languidly, blinking. "I'm... serious?"

"Yeah, I know," Jiyong says, tone as light and chirpy as if he's an innocent little schoolgirl who's being attempted-hit-on by a geek or something. "For you hun? It's on me."

"No, I mean, what we just did. It's your job, right?" Seunghyun awkwardly lifts himself up to pull up his jeans.

Jiyong rolls his eyes and zips up his pants, at the same time picking up the forgotten lube bottle and pocketing it. "Seriously, dude. It's cool. You don't have to give me anything."

It's weird, the way he says it. Seunghyun can pick it up but he doesn't know what to make of it. It's the same manner that's been showing itself at some points throughout their entire, uh, session, though each time it doesn't last long.

"Hey, Jiyong," he says. "Jiyong."

The kid straightens up, eyes to the floor. "Yeah."

"Look at me."

There's hesitation, before Jiyong slowly lifts his gaze and meets Seunghyun's eyes. "Yeah," he repeats, indifferent.

Seunghyun stares at him, in his mind choosing his words and phrasing them carefully.

"There's something you're not telling me, is there."

It's the shocked flinch and the double-blinking of Jiyong's eyes that tells Seunghyun everything. He shakes his head, disbelief colouring his tone when he speaks again. "You were using me."

"Okay. Okay   shit. You're right. I was using you, all right?" Jiyong snaps. "But so what if I was, anyway? What's it to you? You don't know me, and I don't know you. This whole thing, it's a one-night stand, isn't it?"

"Maybe." Seunghyun doesn't know what he's feeling. Doesn't know why he cares so much. "Why'd you have to pretend to be a whore and taunt me? Okay, not even me, you could've done this to anyone else. You could just say you wanted a one-night stand."

"Do the details really matter, Choi Seunghyun?" Jiyong demands, a harsh laugh in every word he says. "Either way, I would've   would've got what I wanted. And I did. A one-night stand. I don't need anything else from you, not money, not anything. So I'll just go. We can... I don't know. Forget this ever happen. Whatever. It's up to you."

He's about to leave, he's already taking a step towards the direction of the door. Seunghyun grabs hold of his arm though, and when Jiyong turns back there's a look of shaken despair on his face.

"W-what now? What do you want from me?" he asks, barely in a whisper.

"You didn't get what you wanted," Seunghyun tells him softly.

That's when Jiyong breaks.

Seunghyun takes the kid out to the bar and buys him a drink   it's the least he can do, he thinks. To him Jiyong looks even more beautiful now, with his perfect hair so messed up and his perfect makeup so severely smeared by their fucking earlier, but also the hardened, bitter expression on his face; at least it's reality and that's what Seunghyun finds beautiful. His movements are slow and tired as he downs the scotch on the rocks, staring blankly down at the countertop.

"You know, Seunghyun-ah," he finally mutters. "You're a weird guy."

Seunghyun gives him a sideways glance. "Why?"

Jiyong waves a hand. "Oh, you know. If I'd chosen any other guy he wouldn't be so weird about me passing myself off as a whore. Because you see, guys are assholes, aren't they. They just want somebody to fuck and that's it."

He pauses, frowning, mild confusion and puzzlement forming in his eyebrows. "But you're not like that."

Seunghyun doesn't quite know what to reply.

Both of them lapse into silence again. It's turned so painfully awkward, Seunghyun feels like kicking himself hard for what they've done. He glances at Jiyong, whose head is down on the countertop, faced buried in his arms. He watches the other's shoulders shaking slightly, knees shifting closer together.

"Are you crying?" he suddenly asks in shock.

Jiyong lifts his head up to look at Seunghyun, tears mixed with kohl slipping down his cheeks as he shakes his head and chuckles humourlessly. "Why can I not do anything without you freaking out about it? Aish, dude, if you weren't so awesome at fucking I'd really regret making a move on you when noona called me over."

Seunghyun narrows his eyes, trying to make Jiyong out. He has a feeling. And he feels that he wants to help him. "What's your problem, Jiyong?" he asks, tone low and no trace of anger. "No, I mean seriously."

"I know what you mean," Jiyong says sourly, straightening up and dragging his knuckles across his eyes in an attempt to wipe away his tears. "But what's it to you?"

"Huh. I don't know. Because I just fucked you but somehow I'm not like assholes who only think about fucking?" Seunghyun deadpans, and this time Jiyong's laugh is real. It's nice, his laughter. Makes Seunghyun want to hold him forever.

Jiyong's expression turns bitter again, although there's a smile on his face. "I have a boyfriend," he says carefully. "Had, actually. I loved him, I really did. He was smart, good-looking, everything I ever wanted and all that shit. Our relationship was pretty physical, 'put it nicely. I didn't think it was much of a problem, because every adult relationship has sex, right?"

Seunghyun nods, listening.

"Yeah, so we had sex a lot. And I... I was so stupid. We used to at least talk on the phone or met up for simple stuff like, I don't know, shopping or something, but after a while I realized, apart from him coming over to my place or vice versa to fuck, we never really did much else. It's like I was just some fuck buddy. Not even buddy, man! I told you, we barely even talked anymore. It was like I was a whore."

 Seunghyun watches Jiyong's hands clench into fists, gaze burning into the countertop again.

"So I got a bit tense. The situation was getting kind of weird, right? I thought maybe I could have a talk with him or something. So I went over to his place. And   oh, Seunghyun-ah, this is the best part," he chuckles dryly out. "I went into his place and he was in bed. With a woman."

Jiyong looks at Seunghyun, who's sat up straight in shock. Eyes bright with memory and amused hurt. "No no, Seunghyun-ah, wait for it," he says. "It's so fucking cliché, man. He didn't even ask her to leave. He just came out of the room and closed the door and asked me what the fuck I was doing in his apartment. So I tell him what I thought I was all this while, his fucking boyfriend. Guess what he told me?"

Jiyong makes this tired sort of giggle and deepens his voice in parody of his ex. "Jiyong, I've made up my mind. I'm not gay after all. I don't want to hurt you, but I was bi, and well, I've had a lot of thought. I want a family now. You can't give me a family, Jiyong. Even if you could, I don't think we were that close in the first place, were we?"

He laughs again, shaking his head, the tears fast flowing down his face. "Tell me, why is it so hard? Do you know the answer, Seunghyun? Do you know why it's so hard to find somebody to love me for who I am and not use me? It's too fucking hard. Oh, and you get it now, don't you. You get why I wanted to use someone tonight. But it's okay. You can forget what happened if you want. I'm not such a bitch."

Jiyong wipes his eyes again and slugs back the last of his scotch. "Meh. Think I'll go now. I've had what I wanted. Maybe I didn't get all that I wanted, like you said. But it's okay. It was pretty nice knowing you... what you can do in bed anywa   "

He doesn't get to finish his sentence. Seunghyun impulsively pulls him into a tight hug, pressing his nose into that spot in Jiyong's neck, where his face fits perfectly and so does Jiyong's whole body in his embrace. Jiyong freezes, surprised, completely still for several seconds. Seunghyun just continues keeping his head down on Jiyong's shoulder, inhaling his sweet scent, when the other finally slips his arms around his back, clinging on to him like he's a life support, crying harder.

"I-I   I don't    I don't know why, Seunghyun   " Jiyong gasps out in sobs into Seunghyun's shoulder. "Why w-won't anyone   l-love me?"

"I will," Seunghyun murmurs. "I will love you if you'll let me, Jiyong."

There's a pause. "W   what? Seunghyun..."

"Jiyong, I think I like you," says Seunghyun, very seriously, hugging Jiyong tighter to him. God, he feels so wonderful in his arms. "I'm not kidding. You're so beautiful, and amazing. And I admit maybe sex isn't the way I should judge you, since your situation's so fucked up like this, but if you'll let me, I... I want to know you, Jiyong."

Jiyong's unmoving, unspeaking. And for a panicked moment Seunghyun fears he's lost him.

Until Jiyong pulls slightly away from him and reaches up, hands touching Seunghyun's neck, moving up to cup his face, and finally Seunghyun feels the familiar taste of cherry chapstick on equally familiar lips trembling over his and there's this burst of warm feeling in his heart he doesn't know the name of but he welcomes it most gladly, gently kissing the other and trying clumsily to make him feel loved, even now.

It's like forever when they break apart, staring into each other's eyes as they breathe hard, and Seunghyun touches Jiyong's cheek.

"Jiyong. Will you let me love you?" he asks softly.

Jiyong bites his lower lip, the tears in his eyes no longer bitter or hurt, and he smiles. "Yeah. I guess so."

ugh. 3,939 words of pointless rambling later & yet the ending i'm not satisfied with at all because it has absolutely NOTHING to do with what the fic's really about & besides, it was 'cuz it was built on utter PHAIL. meh, i hope you at least enjoyed some part of the fic? T_T
Tags: fandom: big bang, pairing: seunghyun/jiyong
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