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Guilty Pleasure (Cobra Starship) : Shihanchul

Guilty Pleasure (Cobra Starship) [pg-13]
in which the world is ending and...and idk you have to see because it doesn't make sense to me either ;-;

Lol, idek. Cobra Starship is like, the fucking shizz, and when I heard Guilty Pleasure for the first time I immediately thought SHICHUL! before Hankyung fitted in somewhere along the line too. Oh stfu, I wrote this at like, 3 in the morning.
Oh, & is it true that Hankyung's an atheist? Because I've seen fics of him not believing in God and I wrote him as one here too. O_o


Heechul has never been very religious, which probably explains why, when he starts hearing that the end of the world is coming soon, all he says about it is, "Fucking global warming."

He thinks nothing of it, goes on with his life, continues being a bitch and laps up all the fawning and attention his fans lavish upon him, until he notices that lately Shiwon isn't the only one to start praying more fervently. He isn't baffled, just a little peeved, because he can't do anything anymore without seeing a Bible at least once, seeing a lot more cross earrings and necklaces as part of Super Junior's costumes, hearing less and less of the Lord's name in vain and more and more of it in hushed prayer that is quickly becoming commonplace around him.

Heechul is just ever so slightly puzzled, but hell be damned if he really believes the world is ending anytime soon.

Shiwon, Heechul and the rest of the world knows, is very, very religious, obviously even more so lately than anyone else. It's quite amazing when he abruptly puts an end to his love of skinship, only very rarely touching the others and even so it would be barely a brush of his hand against someone's arm or shoulder; no more lingering hugs or ass pats or even ruffling of hair. Heechul is just very glad then that Shiwon still lets him come to his bed to blow him and still fucks him at night--either Heechul or Shiwon would go to Hankyung, but with all the doomsday drama that's been going on, Heechul's thankful that Shiwon is fucking men at all. He isn't totally ignorant--he knows that homosexuality is a forbidden sin, and so he doesn't say a word whenever Shiwon kisses the back of his neck sleepily after sex and then start murmuring prayers over and over, seemingly for himself, but Heechul hears it dispassionately anyway.

It's kind of boring, Heechul thinks. It's kind of boring that just because they're all going to die, they have to act like such...such prudes, such innocent beings all over again.
Heechul is not at all happy that the world is changing without him. He doesn't want to (and he isn't going to), but it's just no fun to live anymore. How ironic--he'd gladly welcome death if this is what life is going to be like, during their final days.

Heechul is, for the first time since the doomsday drama started, vaguely surprised to find Hankyung up on the rooftops when he goes there so that he won't go insane from all the holier-than-thouness in the apartment.

"Here I was thinking you actually started believing, hyung," Hankyung says, deadpan, legs dangling over the edge.

"I thought you did, too," Heechul counters just as flatly, joining him.

Hankyung's smile in response is simply tired. "This has got to stop."

"What? The stupidity that doomsday is coming?" Heechul asks hopefully.

"No, that's real," Hankyung sighs. He flaps his hands slightly feebly. "I mean. All the fear. The tenseness. I'm going to go crazy with it all."

Heechul could have weeped with wholehearted agreement, but all he does is drop his head against Hankyung's shoulder. "Moments like these make me wonder why we even love Shiwon."

There's a pause. Then both of them mutter together, almost morosely, "It's the sex."

"Bugger should be shot for being a Christian who fucks guys so well," Hankyung adds, kicking his heel back against the wall.

Heechul sniggers against his shoulder. "And this proves why I still love you."

"Not the sex?"

Heechul smacks Hankyung on top of the head in reply.

It's no surprise then that Heechul hangs out with Hankyung every second after that, comforted in the knowledge that his second lover is that somebody in the world who is on his side. They escape whenever everyone else is having their sermons or going to church (or wherever it is, according to their religions). They get drunk, they fuck, they talk, they laugh the time away. It's boring too, after a while, but it's only a matter of days after all. Before it's the Last Night.

It's midnight on the Last Night. Super Junior protests when Heechul and Hankyung drag them up to the roof.

"We die in seven hours and you want us to enjoy the scenery?" Kyuhyun says in disbelief. Heechul throws him a withering look.

"Look," Hankyung says dispassionately. It's a different side of him Super Junior sees--he's not the sweet, gentle Hankyung who still stumbles over his Korean after so long and can't ever be seen as 'evil'. Now he's stern and straightforward and no-nonsense, and he himself is perfectly cool with that. "Hyung and I know that it's doomsday tomorrow. And frankly, we don't give a damn. We'd rather die anyway than to live like this, so pious and so restricted. We know that you want to pray for your own long-suffering souls for all your many, many sins."

As Hankyung talks, Heechul places a boom box down next to his feet, and after Hankyung speaks, he presses a button and the others stare when their own dance music fills the still, humid night air.

"Dance," Heechul says, straightening up and glaring at them. "Forget everything for now. Shut the fuck up, empty your minds, pretend for now that the rest of the world doesn't exist. I want you to dance like we used to, dance like when we were Super Junior, dance as Super Junior. Dance, dammit, fucking dance!"

Heechul's voice borders on hysterical, and quickly the others start moving, stiffly and uncertainly at first, then as they listen to the music and remember their steps, more fluidly and with more feeling.

Hankyung smiles, moving as well, ignoring the music and dancing exactly the way he wants to, completely different from everyone else. Heechul remains the only one just standing and watching, breathing hard, his eyes moving here and there and hardening with every person he sees.

There's one missing.

Shiwon is praying out loud in his room, the Bible resting open on his lap. Heechul can hear his voice feverishly reading out extracts and accompanying it with pleas for forgiveness for his sins even from the front door.

"I swear, you pray too much," he says almost conversationally when he enters, considering that, as he has just realized, he isn't in a very stable state of mind right now.

Shiwon opens his eyes a little too quickly, blinking and looking completely disorientated. Heechul almost laughs when he looks up at him with a dazed, almost unfocused expression before snapping back to reality.

"Hyung..." he says faintly; Heechul notes his fingers tightening around the Bible. "Hyung, the world is ending."

"Yeah," Heechul nods. "Maybe someday I'll believe." He moves forward and Shiwon flinches.

"Hyung, I'm serious, and you know about this too," he says in a hoarse voice. 

"Yeah," Heechul repeats, but he doesn't let Shiwon say any more because he's fallen to his knees and grabbed the younger man by the shoulders and is kissing him roughly, harshly, ripping the Bible from his hands and tossing it aside onto the bed. Shiwon moans, and Heechul doesn't know if it's of longing or just desperation at his stubbornness, but he doesn't care, sliding a hand up Shiwon's back and into the soft hair at the nape of his neck to pull him even closer.

"Fuck," Shiwon eloquently rasps out when Heechul's lips move slightly down to his jaw, and Heechul smirks.

"Christians can't swear, especially not on the Last Night." He says the words 'Last Night' with a sing-song lilt and he doesn't give a damn if it sounds like he's mocking doomsday because bloody hell, he's going to die anyway, yes?

"Shut up, just shut up," Shiwon groans, shaking his head vigorously. "No, no, dammit hyung, I am not having sex with you, not when I'm dying tomor--"

His sentence is lost when Heechul yanks him up to his feet and kisses him again, very messily and with a huge smile.

"Good. Because I came here to make you dance tonight," he says huskily, and just like that Shiwon forgets all about the world, following Heechul up to the roof where everyone is dancing, laughing and talking like they're at a club when they're drunk, taking Heechul's words very seriously.

Hankyung smiles when he spots them and in seconds the three of them somehow end up in an awkward sort of slow-dancing that has their arms interwined and their heads against each other's, but it works for them and they're finally happy. Finally at peace.

We're getting down till the sun's coming up.

Tags: fandom: super junior, ot3 : shiwon/hankyung/heechul
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