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Goldfish Crackers Aren't Made of Goldfish : Shihae

goldfish crackers aren't made of goldfish. [g]
will donghae ever learn that goldfish crackers are just plain old biscuits?

omg this is so stupid but i could not help it. fishie is just way cute. & i totally blame the suju random pairings generator for this.


Donghae was completely horrorstruck. How could Shiwon do that to him? Shiwon, his own bandmate. How could he be so heartless and cruel? It was impossible to think of it, yet there he was, lounged on the couch with a packet of those--those crackers in hand, eating them like it was the most natural thing in the world to do.

Shiwon glanced up and saw him, then smiled. "Hey," he said comfortably. Held out the packet of absolute murder to him. "You want some?"

You want some? Donghae felt like he was going to pass out on the spot in absolute misery. "Shiwonnie."

Shiwon blinked at him, slowly straightening up. "Donghae?"

"Why are you eating that?" Donghae wibbled, his lower lip jutting out as he stared at Shiwon with huge eyes filled with a dramatic expression of hurt. "How could you do that to me?"

"Do what?" Shiwon asked, puzzled. "Are you talking about the crackers?"

Donghae nodded.

"But they're...food."

"They're goldfish crackers."

"So?" Shiwon really didn't understand why Donghae was freaking out about it. Then remembered the older boy's nickname. "But...it's not like you're eating yourself, right?"

"No! But still! They're goldfish! You're eating goldfish!" Donghae whined.

Shiwon blinked at him again. "Hyung," he said firmly. "Goldfish crackers are not made of goldfish."

"Lies!" Donghae yelled dramatically, pointing a finger at him before slapping his arm over his eyes. "You can't tell me that goldfish crackers are just crackers shaped like goldfish! It's just a conspiracy to get me to eat them!"

In his passionate outcry (and the fact that he had his arm blocking his sight) Donghae didn't notice Shiwon letting out a sigh and getting up from the couch with a goldfish cracker in between his fingers, and he yelped when the taller boy flicked it into his mouth.

"What are you doing, Shiwonnie?!" Donghae cried, looking about ready to spit the cracker back into Shiwon's face.

"Chew," the other commanded, pressing Donghae's jaw so that his mouth closed.

"Buh I dowanu!* "

"Chew, hyung."

Donghae shot Shiwon a baleful look before screwing up his face and hesitantly beginning to chew on the cracker. His expression changed slowly.

Donghae blinked a couple of times and frowned thoughtfully.

"Well?" Shiwon asked, raising an eyebrow at him.

Donghae took a great swallow and smiled brightly in a way that showed that he'd just come to a realization. "Wow, Shiwonnie, goldfish tastes like biscuits!"


A/N: Guhh, I know, that made no sense, lol. Shiwon's attitude was more Kibum than Shiwon! :x But hey, it was pretty fun to write! xDD

*buh I dowanu - but I don't want to
(in case you didn't get it xD)
Tags: fandom: super junior, pairing: shiwon/donghae
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